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HISTORY: Clarence Hornung learned that there was no pictorial history of American cars. As a result,  he began illustrating automobiles in 1949. His early car illustrations became famous and Hornung was recognized as "The Audubon of the Automobile". 


ORIGINAL PRINTS: The "Gallery of the American Automobile" original lithograph series by Clarence P. Hornung was completed in 1965. The series in four parts contains 100 colored lithographs of historic American automobiles depicting the development of the automobile in the United States from 1853 to 1915. There were only 500 sets and many are in private collections, libraries and museums. Therefore, the actual and original prints are very rare. Each vehicle was carefully produced as a color screenprint on 24" x 14" heavy art paper. There is vehicle information provided by James J. Bradley, former head of the Automotive History Collection at the Detroit Public Library. 

COLLECTIBLE: The original limited edition lithographs have an embossed authentication seal and plate mark from the lithographic print making process. These original prints are scarce and very collectible. Hornung's limited edition lithographs of antique automobiles are highly desired by collectors.


PRINTS WITH MATS AND FRAMES: A reproduction copy of the original lithographs was later completed in 1968 by the publishing company Harry Abrams, Inc. in a reduced size of 13 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches on high quality art paper. These prints are mounted by us in a custom double mat with your choice of frame. Antique car prints with mat and frame are ready for hanging and very desirable for wall decoration in home and office or as a gift. The separate original lithograph print comes in a plastic sleeve and can be saved as a collection of authentic prints.

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Part One

1853-1899: Starting in the mid 1800's inventors built the first road vehicles using steam engines and electic motors. Early types were the Dudgeon Steam Wagon and Woods Electric Hansom.

Part Two

1899-1905:  In the closing years of the nineteenth century vehicles were developed using different types of engines, namely steam, electric and gas. Models included Cadillac Tonneau and Stanley Steamer.

Part Three

1905-1910: During the earlier 1900's  road vehicles became popular and hundreds of new companies saw the opportunity to build automobiles. Popular vehicles included the Ford Model T and Pierce Great Arrow.

Part Four

1910-1915: Road transportation by a mechanized vehicle  became a reality and practical automobiles were introduced to the public. Well known vehicles of the era were Stutz Bearcat and Packard Berline.

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Our antique model cars are detailed versions of actual automobiles. The models are popular with antique car enthusiasts and collectors. Find the model car of your choice.

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